How List on Social Works

  • If you don’t have a Facebook Fanpage and Twitter profile we build them for you.

    Example Twitter Account Example Facebook Account
  • We customize and help you populate your new social media profiles with compelling real estate related content

    First, we input your profile information, pictures and business information your fanpage. Second, we add our custom application and custom welcome page to your facebook profile. Our custom application allows us to automatically manage, import and export listings and real estate news. We explain how this app works in <steps 4 – 8>
    Facebook Profile Info Page RE2social Application Tabs
  • We help you create your networks of friends, colleagues, clients and potential clients in facebook and twitter

    Using email addresses from your work email contact list, connecting to email accounts that you have with sites like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail as well as using the Twitter/Facebook manual friend search will help you develop a list of people you want to invite as fans. We’ll help you with contact importing from Outlook and other email lists you have. Also, following our basic rules for fan invites will help you gain and retain your follower and fanbase.
  • We automatically pull you and your brokerages listings from MLS and post your listings to both facebook and twitter

    Using our custom Facebook and Twitter application we will automatically pull your brokerage listings from the MLS system and import them into your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The listings are posted as a tweet on your twitter page an update on your fanpage wall and inserted into the custom listing app on your fanpage. Your followers and fans who click on the links in the tweet and fan page wall update will be sent to the listing tab where they can see the full listing details right on your facebook page.
    Listing 'Tweet' in Twitter Facebook fanpage wall post RE2social FB Listings Page
  • All your fans are notified each time you have a new listing via the Facebook Newsfeed

    By creating a wall post for your listing on facebook (see step 4) we automatically syndicate that listing/wall post to all your network of fans. This means that anyone who logs into facebook around the time of that post will see the listing and your name beside it on their Facebook homepage. This means that the fan doesn’t even need to visit your fanpage in order to view your content and see your marketing – this is much more impactful then a traditional website that a user must find and visit in order to see your marketing.

    Facebook Post Syndicated to Fans

  • Using our custom facebook app we let users browse your listings and see full listing pictures, descriptions, prices, google maps and more RIGHT IN YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE!

    If one of your fans clicks on a listing from either their newsfeed or from your fan wall then they will get to view the custom ‘Listing’ app we have developed. In this section the user will be able to browse your listings or select them from a custom google map. All these listings have the same information as listed on MLS but have larger pictures for the user to view.

    Listing in Facebook

  • We update your wall and notify all your fans with relevant real estate news and stories to help keep them engaged.

    In the same way that we update your wall with your listings, we also update the wall with relevant real estate related news. Changes or developments in home prices, mortgage rates, property tax rates and other relevant ‘hard’ real estate news is mixed with ‘soft’ news stories about things like decorating, staging, renovations and other home related commentary from highly reputable publications. This helps to generate interaction and connections with the different types of fans and followers that you have. By automating this process we also save Realtors huge amounts of time finding and updating content themselves.

    How News Stories look in FB

  • All of your listings and news stories can be commented and ‘liked’ by your fans and their friends and this interaction offers an opportunity to help you build deeper relationships with your network.

    All of the listings and news stories that are automatically posted onto your wall and syndicated to all your fans are interactive. So you can build real connections with your fanbase by allowing them to ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ on your listings. Facebook will automatically notify you whenever you have a comment on one of your posts and prompt you to interact with that user to help you create a deeper bond. Furthermore, the greater the interaction on one of your posts, them more likely it is that the post will be syndicated beyond just your fans but also to the friends of your fans. This is invaluable exposure that can all be had by building a legitimate social media presence easily and effectively through our platform. Copyright © Trade World Corporation. All rights reserved
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