Supercharged Social Media for Realtors

List on social is a plug-n-play real estate marketing platform that helps Realtors® market themselves and strengthen their client network by leveraging social media. Simply put, we make the process of developing and maintaining a social media presence EASY for Realtors.

It doesn’t matter how ‘techie’ you are because we provide a solution that benefits social media newbies as much as it does facebook and twitter veterans. Instead of forcing you to research and invest time and effort into developing your social media strategy – we do it for you.

How We Leverage Social Media for Realtors:

  • If you don’t have a Facebook Fanpage and Twitter profile we build them for you
  • We customize and help you populate your new social media profiles with compelling real estate related content
  • We help you create your networks of friends, colleagues, clients and potential clients in facebook and twitter
  • We automatically pull you and your brokerages listings from MLS and post your listings to both facebook and twitter
  • All your fans are notified each time you have a new listing via the Facebook Newsfeed
  • Using our custom facebook app we let users browse your listings and see full listing pictures, descriptions, prices, google maps and more RIGHT IN YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE!
  • We update your wall and notify all your fans with relevant real estate news and stories to help keep them engaged.
  • All of your listings and news stories can be commented and ‘liked’ by your fans and their friends and this interaction offers an opportunity to help you build deeper relationships with your network. Copyright © Trade World Corporation. All rights reserved
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